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Palm Terrace - East

El Patio Apartments
Locale: Palm Terrace
Residents: Lana Whitmire, Stacia Ross, Oliver Banks, Jake Herrington
Ember Ridge Apartments
Locale: Palm Terrace
Residents: Simon Pratt, Bryce McKeon
Blake Manor
Locale: Hyde Park
Residents: Kendra Blake
Carlton Arms Townhouses
Locale: Barnett Pond
Residents: Adam Grier
Bayview Condominiums
Locale: St. Marquis
Residents: Mae Jernigan
In Field Fly Sports Pub
Locale: Palm Terrace
Description: A popular hangout spot with several different rooms for pool, darts, arcade games, pinball, dining, big screen TVs, and a bar.
Cafe Bernice
Locale: Palm Terrace
Description: One of the oldest locally owned businesses in Palm Terrace. They brew the best coffee in the Bay Area.
Thurium's Banquet Hall
Locale: Palm Terrace
Description: Wedding receptions, family reunions, and conventions are just some of the many reasons why this banquet hall is always busy.
Creighton Stadium
Locale: Palm Terrace
Description: The Bay Area loves their baseball. This is the home of the Tempests, minor league baseball team.
Fi-Lo Arena
Locale: Palm Terrace
Description: Arena that hosts several sporting events and concerts. Name is sponsored by Fi-Lo Office Supplies.
Palm Terrace Plaza
Locale: Palm Terrace
Description: A beautifully constructed outdoor mall. Has five levels and is a tourist attraction within itself.
Blount Building
Locale: Downtown
Description: Office building hosting many major businesses, including Fi-Lo Office Supply Company, Grayson Realties, X-Tech Communications, and Blake Industries.


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