Palm Terrace: An Online Series







Season Two Preview

At the end of season one, Lana and Jake found that their friendship wasn't as rock solid as they initially thought. Now with Kendra and Bryce occupying their attention, their relationship will continue to disintegrate. Jake is walking on air, both as the new owner of the In Field Fly Sports Pub and the object of Kendra's affection. While he longs to share his newfound happiness with his closest friend, his passion for Kendra will stand firm and foremost and his own desperation to maintain a relationship with her will leave his friendship with Lana further behind...

Lana struggles to contain her anger and pain, both of losing her beloved cousin Oliver to an untimely death and then her best friend Jake to the one woman she despises most. To escape the pain of seeing Jake with Kendra, Lana buries herself in her work, with her latest project being the supervision of the construction of a new Fi-Lo Supply Store in St. Marquis. For Lana, this new project requires her to work closely with the store's architect, Bryce.

Bryce could not believe his great fortune of not only landing the biggest account in Fi-Lo Office Supply but also snagging the best opportunity to spend time with Lana. Nearly forsaking his past heartbreak, Bryce is more determined than ever to win Lana's heart. Little does he know that his past will creep up behind him when he least expects it...

Mae's heart was torn into pieces when Simon ended their secret relationship. Mae had never known such pain and was even more hurt by the fact that Simon had no feelings to return. When she discovers his interest in a close girlfriend, Mae's pain boils into an obsessive desire for vengeance...

Stacia moves in with her long-time boyfriend Adam and feels an anticipation of a seemingly imminent marriage proposal. But work preoccupies so much of Adam's time. While working so many long hours, Adam begins to spend less time with Stacia, and more time with a young real estate agent protégé.

Be sure to check out Season Two, with Episode One to premiere March 2, 2004!