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Last Updated:
December 28, 2003.

June 15, 2003.


Episode 25 (Season Finale)
"Too Late, Too Soon"
Bryce lands a very important business deal...Kendra concedes feelings for Jake...Simon tells Mae how he truly feels...Jake attempts to mend his friendship with Lana...
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Welcome to Palm Terrace, a locale of the Bay Area, where the lives of ten friends cross each week in the comfort of the In Field Fly Sports Pub. When a stranger comes to town, inhibitions are lost as  each friend finds the strength to make their dreams come true, pursue love, and deceive each other. Love triangles, secret lust, passionate hate, and more lie ahead for each friend as they carry on dramatic lives.

Note from Producer Valencia Brady: Hey Palm Terrace Fans! I know I promised February 29 as the premiere date for season two. I'm running a little behind on getting the site ready so the premiere has been pushed back to March 2nd. Please check back late Tuesday night for the first episode of Palm Terrace's second season and thanks for your patience!

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Relive the emotional pivotal point of Season One...
The Power Of Love Mini-Series

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