Mid-Season Recap - Season One

Bryce McKeon moves to Palm Terrace and catches the eye of rich, beautiful Kendra Blake. Instead of Kendra, Bryce falls for brown-haired beauty Lana Whitmire, though his first impressions on Lana leave bruises and stains, literally. Yet the two eventually become friends.

Jake Herrington is in love with Kendra Blake, but Bryce's move to the Bay Area frustrates him when Kendra falls hard for Bryce. Jake continues to pursue Kendra, neglecting Lana's birthday and even puts himself in harm's way to prove his love for her.

Simon Pratt has been chasing Kendra for months, but after her constant rejection, he seeks sexual satisfaction through Mae Jernigan, who's oblivious to Simon's true intentions. Simon encourages the secrecy of their relationship while Mae's feelings for Simon intensify.

Stacia Ross and Adam Grier are ready to take the next step in their relationship...Stacia's introduction to Adam's parents. But a dark secret from Stacia's past influences her decision to reveal her not so family-oriented plans for the future, intentions that surprise Adam and his parents.

Nina Parkherst finds herself in financial calamity and facing eviction. Desperate to make ends meet herself, she embezzles money from her company petty cash account and is caught by her boss, Penelope Grayson, who blackmails her to gain advantage over her archrival Kendra Blake.