Episode 1
"The Mourning After"
Jake is surprised by Lana's funeral attire...Mae refuses to ride with Simon to Oliver's funeral...Lana is moved when her friends honor Oliver... 
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Next Up...Episode 2
Bryce offers Lana his condolences...Mae tells Penelope about how Simon hurt her...Jake and Kendra have a heart to heart


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Dear Dedicated Palm Terrace Readers,
I must extend to you all my most sincere apologies for the neglect of my series. Since the series's debut in 2003, I have enjoyed weaving the fabric which is the lives of the characters in Palm Terrace. I can only leave you with the hint of an explanation as to why it's been so long since the release of a new episode. Life sometimes gets in the way. As you might know, last September Hurricane Ivan tore through the panhandle of Northwest Florida leaving behind total devastation. My family and I experienced that devastation firsthand and are still trying to put together the life we once knew. I felt that you all deserved an explanation and I hope that you understand that there are some things that put life in perspective, and put many of the little things in life on hold. I assure you this is by no means the end to the series. I still have great plans in store for my characters but I must ask that you please be patient. I hope to continue on with Palm Terrace's stories when life gets back to normal, so to speak. Thanks for your time, your efforts, your patience.

Valencia Brady
Palm Terrace Writer And Producer




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